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Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram: In 1997, theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena proposed1 that an audacious model of the Universe in which gravity arises from infinitesimally thin, vibrating strings could be reinterpreted in terms of well-established physics. – by Markus Gann – Tags: astronomy, history, software, story research –

How Evernote Works Like Your Memory: An Interview with Maureen Ritchey, Cognitive Neuroscientist: Evernote is designed to work the way your brain does and a few months ago, a neuroscientist named Maureen Ritchey came by our offices to explain exactly why that’s the case. – by Kasey – Tags: neuroscience, productivity, software –

Exporting Tinderbox OPML to Scrivener: OPML is an open standard for transferring outline-type data between applications. Scrivener can import OPML, allowing Tinderbox data to be exported to Scrivener. Format limitations: OPML is a plain text format. Text formatting, i.e. – Tags: software –

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